Ready, set, build! Morrison Energy Services support primary school in Wales with their first Lego League

18th April 2024

Morrison Energy Services has recently supported Tir-Y-Berth Primary School in Wales, with their entry to the FIRST LEGO League.

The J1M (joint venture Jacobs/ Morrison Energy Services) team, looking for social value activities close to the Pembroke project, started working with the STEM Ambassador Programme in Wales in 2023.

As part of the programme, the team was paired with Tir-Y- Berth Primary School.

The team, alongside third-year substation apprentices, Rohan Hughes and Callum Marshall, attended Tir-Y-Berth school to support the FIRST LEGO league, which introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to children aged 4-16 through fun, exciting, hands-on learning.

As part of the event, the team donated 10 explore kits to the school, alongside entry to the competition.

On the day, the team spent the morning with the pupils, talking to them about the work J1M and Morrison Energy Services’ Electricity Transmission does, as well as helping them build their LEGO robots.

Mr David Farmer, Teacher at Tir- Y- Berth school, said: “Through the power of imagination and creativity, the new LEGO Spoke kits have ignited a spark of joy and innovation in the children in my class. The kits have allowed the children to complete countless builds and has allowed them to flex their coding skills. Thank you ever so much for the fantastic opportunity these LEGO Spike kits have given our children!”

At M Group Services we are passionate about finding and creating social value opportunities in the communities in which we work, in line with our Environmental, Social and Govenance (ESG) commitments.

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