Morrison Energy Services works to bring low carbon energy to homes and businesses

18th September 2023

Morrison Energy Services, a part of M Group Services' Energy Division, has recently completed the second phase of the Shurton Line Entries VQ overhead line project with its client, National Grid, to bring low carbon electricity to six million UK homes and businesses in future.

Part of the Hinkley Point Connection Project, the second phase saw Morrison Energy Services (MES) works to realign and connect two overhead transmission lines, connecting the existing Hinkley substation to the new Shurton Substation.

The project involved upgrading one circuit of the existing overhead line near Stogursey and Bridgwater from 275kV to 400kV, to cater for the energy from the new Hinkley point C power station to the whole Hinkley Connection route. The project also saw MES undertake work on the erection of temporary towers, enabling the connection of T-pylons near Bridgwater to the new power station.

The project phase was complex, requiring extensive and continuous interface with other projects, but the collaborative culture between National Grid, MES and its supply chain partners ensured the project yielded outstanding results.

MES worked with the support of its supply chain partner, Soil Science Limited, to ensure innovative solutions were used in installing haul road and working platforms, reducing carbon emissions by 76% compared to conventional methods. MES’ eco-friendly solar powered welfare unit was also used on the project, reducing carbon emissions by 86% compared to previously used welfare cabins. MES continues to work on its decarbonisation processes, to reach its target of net zero by 2050.

The final phase of the project, which is now underway, will see MES working closely with National Grid and its supply chain partners to complete the upgrade of the second circuit of the existing 275kV overhead line near Stogursey and Bridgwater.

Speaking on the project, Olawale Ilori, Project Manager at Morrison Energy Services, said: “I am privileged to have contributed to the successful completion of this project phase and I would like to thank the entire team for their relentless efforts during the second phase. The team’s attitude towards completing the task and navigating obstacles has been exceptional.”

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