Morrison Energy Services receives Green Apple Award for Hammersmith Bridge Gas Main Reinforcement Programme

4th December 2023

Morrison Energy Services (MES) is delighted to announce that it has won an International Green Apple award for environmental best practice on its Hammersmith Bridge Gas Main Reinforcement Project they are delivering on behalf of Cadent.

Working with Cadent and Terrafirma Pipeline Ltd. (TFP), the project involved laying 2.5km of new medium pressure gas main, to help reinforcement of the gas network and provide a sustainable and secure supply of gas to the local community.

By working together with multiple stakeholders on site, the project was successfully designed to protect the local wildlife and community where the work was taking place. Our Environmental Team created a detailed plan for the team on site, to improve their understanding of the local environmental habitats, including the Barnes Common Nature Reserve, which the team have liaised with throughout the project.

On site, the team recycled excavated soil, which was used to fill the trenches. The re-use of this soil reduced traffic movement, as less material needed to be transported to and from the site. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a sustainable fuel, a fully electric trench rammer and disc saw were also trialled. Together these steps provided significant reductions in both carbon emissions and local noise pollution.

Using a carbon calculator, compared to the baselines set before the project began, the project has seen a 9,180 kg CO2e reduction in project emissions to date, alongside a 66% reduction in fuel consumption.

In April 2023, MES and Cadent launched their ‘North London Environmental Action Plan’, which explores a variety of channels to enhance sustainability and drive towards our net zero ambitions. This includes ‘challenging the norm’ throughout the contract by influencing design, programme, and construction processes. Cadent, MES and TFP are both committed to supporting the Government’s pledge to achieve net zero before 2050.

Speaking on the project, Bradley Worrell, Environmental Manager - Gas Distribution at Morrison Energy Services, said: “The Hammersmith Bridge project demonstrates that with minor changes to operational techniques and utilisation of cleaner plant and equipment, essential utility works can be completed with negligible impact on customers, the community and environment. We hope that this project provides a platform for Cadent and our wider industry partners to deliver more sustainable utility projects across the country in the future.”

At M Group Services, we are committed to working to find sustainable solutions to protect the environments in which we work. Our focus on sustainability is an essential element of our Group environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. As a Group, we are committed to reaching net zero before 2050.

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