Morrison Energy Services has been highly commended at this year’s Global Light Rail Awards for the Team of the Year Award

7th October 2021

The Trams to Newhaven Swept Path Team received the commendation for their work across the scheme. For the past couple of years, Morrison Energy Services has been working on the Edinburgh Trams Project, clearing and diverting all underground utilities in preparation for Edinburgh City Council’s new tram scheme.

The team has worked hard throughout COVID-19 restrictions to ensure that the project has remained on track. Throughout the progress of the work, the team has uncovered numerous significant archaeological artefacts. During the excavations, items such as 17th century cannon balls and whale bones have been unearthed, as well as a 19th century drainage system, to name but a few of the finds.

Peter Carolan, Executive Director at Morrison Energy Services, commented: “We are delighted our team have been highly commended at the Global Light Rail Awards. Darren Wraight and his team have worked very hard in collaboration with Turner and Townsend, Edinburgh City Council, and the utility asset owners to create the Swept Path for the Edinburgh Tram extension. A special thanks to our clients including Scottish WaterSP Energy NetworksSGN and BT for their collaboration in delivering the works. Congratulations and well done to all.”

Congratulations and well done to the team!

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