M Group Services is pleased to announce that...

22nd February 2022

M Group Services is pleased to announce that three of its operating businesses, Morrison Energy Services, PMP Utilities and IWJS have completed the first ground-breaking CIPP trial on a live gas network.

Utilising the industry-leading expertise of Morrison Energy Services, IWJS, PMP Utilities, Cadent and WRC, this trail-blazing use of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) will provide a range of environmental and social benefits for customers. 

In the proposal of this solution, Cadent, supported by Morrison Energy Services, presented the vast benefits to the TfL lane rental governance group, who approved the project, including a proportion of the funding. A cost and time effective solution, CIPP has a smaller carbon footprint, and reduces expenditure and time delays for customers, as lining avoids the need to excavate and replace the pipe using conventional methods. Therefore, CIPP provided all the necessary benefits, but the challenge lay in its adaptation for gas pipes, having only been used on wastewater pipes before this point.

The solution to this challenge came from the collaboration of M Group Services’ operating businesses Morrison Energy Services, IWJS and PMP Utilities. IWJS has proven experience and expertise in the delivery of CIPP lining in the water sector and were therefore able to adapt their technique for gas purposes. PMP Utilities supported this by designing and building a bespoke, technically complex pipe fitting, which connected the liner to the host pipe.

Ultimately, the collaboration between the businesses and the sharing of industry-leading knowledge and expertise was fundamental to the successful delivery of this innovative project – the first of its kind in the UK gas industry. 


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