Introducing our Trainee SHEQ Advisor, Amy McMillian

6th March 2024

At M Group Services, we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the next generation of highly skilled, forward-thinking and technically competent people.

As part of our National Careers Week celebrations, we were delighted to talk to Amy McMillian, Trainee SHEQ Advisor at Morrison Energy Services, Scottish Power, to ask her about her journey with us.

Why did you decide to complete an apprenticeship?

“I felt doing this apprenticeship would widen my knowledge on health & safety and help further my progression in my role. I wanted to gain some more confidence to carry through my career, also.”

What is involved in completing your apprenticeship?

“I had calls, usually set up every few weeks, with a mentor from VLA, who would be there to act as guidance for any issues I had, or any support I needed. I could call her whenever I needed any help, which was very useful! As part of my apprenticeship, I had several units to complete, which had both knowledge sections and providing evidence of practical activities in which I had done.”

How has your apprenticeship helped you develop into your current role?

“Having now completed my apprenticeship, I feel I have gained more confidence in my role, and I am now able to take on more responsibilities. I know in the months to come, all the knowledge I have gained will be useful in the different situations I’ll come across.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to complete an apprenticeship?

“I would recommend for anyone to do it! It’ll boost your confidence and really help you to progress in your career. I’ve been really lucky to have been able to take time out of my working week to complete units and Morrison Energy Services are great in ensuring you have all the help and support you need.”

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