Robotic Process Automation

6th May 2021

Using artificial intelligence, we are able to create RPA ‘bots’ to undertake back-office administrative functions, such as repetitive paperwork like invoices and checking safety certificates.  The software algorithms mimic defined human actions to handle high volume repeatable tasks.  This solution delivers numerous benefits including: 

  • Enhanced quality and consistency – Human error is eliminated, meaning no pack ever has to be checked twice
  • Improved transactional processing efficiency – 24/7/365 service
  • Reduced response time for delivering information to clients – faster, more accurate throughput with potential to cut data entry costs significantly

RPA has won many awards across and outside the utility industry, including the Computer Weekly “Best Cloud Innovation” award. The automation of this process has saved, at a minimum, 35 extra hours a week for one of our contract invoicing teams, freeing up administrative resources to undertake more interesting work.

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