Pipe Pullers and Pushers

6th May 2021

We have engaged in trials to further the use of no-dig technology in mains insertion, helping to bring innovative technologies to business as usual:

Steve Vick Perpetual Pipe Pusher: To enable the installation of P.E. mains quicker and without the manual intervention of the digger arm.  Additionally, longer installation lengths can be achieved when combined with the 500m trailer.  Benefits also include ? reduced customer ‘off gas’ time and safer operation, since no mechanical arm movement is required. 

Kobus Pipe Puller: This is a trenchless pipe replacement technique, the puller extracts service pipes quickly and safely and tows in a new pipe in behind it in a single operation.  The pulling winch, removes service pipes up to 1?1/2? diameter and 85 feet long in minutes!  reducing customer impact and removing costly excavations.

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