Virtual Trial Hole Assistant

6th May 2021

This new technology which won the Pipe Industries Guild Lion’s Lair award in 2020 by demonstrating its capability to use GIS mapping and data to plan streetworks in advance and in trials, minimised aborted works by 15% deployed on our contract with Cadent.

The platform does this by showing where the pipes are yet to be replaced on a google maps style template, then over laying third party notice data, so we can see when someone is digging on the pipe we have yet to replace, generating a clash notice. This has enabled us to liaise with stakeholders, survey the asset, coordinate and plan better – delighting local authorities.

Embeds the next periods’ workload mains asset (pipe) location data from ESRI into the platform annually. Notifications of third party works in these areas when they are excavating on top of our pipes which presents us with opportunities to access the site, liaise with the teams, survey and validate the asset, and plan ahead of their replacement scheme works initiating. Benefits include reduced excavation, avoid cost, Improved stakeholder relationships, reduced aborts, safety – known third party plant etc. less customer disruption, expedited works, concise job description and communications.

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